I was not aware that there was such a thing as a crappy paper hole puncher until I purchased the $8 Up and Up one from Target. Not only does it punch uncleanly, it always wrinkles the top part of my paper. All I wanted to do was be able to sort all my papers into binders…

Do you guys think I could get a refund?


Avoiding eye contact with people like
Picked up some super cute stamps!

Looking at the targetdollarspot tag on Instagram makes me want to buy all the Target Dollar stationary.

My (late) breakfast today:

2 persimmons
1 pear
2 baby fuji apples
18 green seedless grapes
12 grape tomatoes
12 baby carrots

Just fyi: I don’t follow a raw vegan diet for various reasons but I do like having a fully raw meal when I can.

Masha Tolstunova, Wiener Staatsballett.Photographer: Ronnie Boehm (www.ronnieboehm.com)Assistant: Katharina Kremser

Just binged on 760 calories of food. It wouldn’t be too bad if I hadn’t already eaten a full day’s worth of food (0 restriction, enough calories, decently balanced food groups) and I’m about to head off to bed. *sigh* My post-binge self-loathing level is surprisingly pretty low right now. I guess that’s a good sign possibly?